About Me – Clean Coach Carly

I survived modern psychiatry and have lived with the scars for over a decade.


Having failed the common treatments for depression, anxiety, fatigue and IBS, I arrived at nutrition and lifestyle out of necessity.
Hopped up on medications that were supposed to help me, every breath seemed as though I were gasping for air---literally and figuratively. Everything changed in a moment and within the crucible of decision. I decided to take my life and my health into my own hands and into my own intellect.
As R.S. Grey proclaimed: “She believed she could, so she did.” And so I did, and so I continue to do because I’m convinced of the power in belief. 

I’ve studied formally and informally for 2 decades, and my learning will continue until my last breath.  I believe in science and I also believe in magic---which is science that we don’t yet understand.  

I’m a woman, wife, sister, aunt, teacher, mentor, yearner, lover, earner, advocate and an over-comer of depression, anxiety, family trauma, Lyme disease, digestive disease and mold exposure.  
I’m an expert in depression, hormones, mold exposure, Lyme disease, digestion, detox, and problem-solving.  
When I’m not bio-hacking to optimize health, I delight in reading anything except fiction; massaging my dog; dreaming of travels future and past; gardening; eating clean food; swimming in freshwater; thinking about how to accomplish my dreams and planning the next time I go do anything listed above.  

I believe in fostering a tribe of like-minded, educated individuals all reaching toward the same goal of a happier, healthier life. If you're ready to bio-hack your happy just as I did, join us.


Members, clients, business friends, or groupies contact me by email at team@cleancoachcarly.com.

If you want to be my boo or my bae, sorry, that role has already been claimed.
Let's get going.