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Love Your Label: A Supplement Guide

Why We Need Supplements

Supplements are for everyone. I don’t care if you have the CLEANEST, HEALTHIEST diet on the PLANET, supplements are a necessity for optimal health. We live in such a toxic world that we are constantly needing to replenish important nutrients. We can’t possibly eat enough B- vitamin-containing foods to keep up with the stressful schedules was ask our bodies to endure. Besides the demands we put on our bodies, we are often eating foods that don’t have high nutrition value. And to top it off, many of our vegetables and fruits don’t have the nutrients they once contained because our soils have been stripped by modern farming practices. Sorry to be all doom and gloom, but these are the facts. Supplements are a must for optimal self-care. HOWEVER, not all supplements are created equal and not everyone needs all supplements. Please note, this is not an official diagnosis for any person. If you want to know what is specifically right for you, please make an appointment with me so that we can discuss your specific blood work and lifestyle.

What to Look for in Supplements 

Above all, look for quality. Just like you can find low quality junk food, you can also find low quality junk supplements. Choose your supplements from a brand or someone you trust. And take the right doses. High-quality supplement brands base their doses on medical studies. So that 100mg turmeric capsule from the big-box discount store isn't going to do a thing for you. But 750mg Curamed has medical studies to back up its claims. If you don't want to do days worth of medical research, then find someone who has done that research and buy from them. If you decide to wing it at the health food store, then at the very least, make sure the bottle has the CGMP logo on it. This ensures that the supplement company employs Certified Good Manufacturing Processes. In other words, they are certified by an outside organization who monitors their ingredients and cleanliness.

Helpful Supplements for Everyone  

This is a general list to help you gain a better understanding of what a healing relationship with supplements might look like. If you are considering changing your supplement routine, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me here or talk with your regular health-care practitioner. 

Supplements I recommend for everyone Vitamin D is a girls (and guys) best friend. It isn't every day or even every decade that the government changes its established recommendations for vitamin intake. But that is exactly what happened in 2010. The Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin D was increased due to an epidemic of low vitamin D levels across the United States. It is optimal for you to make vitamin D in your body by spending time in the sun. But to raise your vitamin D levels this way can take months of sun exposure. Most of us don't live where the sun is shining for more than 4-5 months of the year. So that leaves us with vitamin D3 supplements. Probiotics are the next frontier in health and wellness. 

Every day I see new scientific studies linking the microbiome (the bacteria in your gut) to different states of health and disease. A full spectrum probiotic is a good plan for maintenance self-care. Stronger and more specific strains are needed for digestive issues and mental health support. 

Magnesium is the companion mineral to calcium. They are involved in a balancing act in your body and each of your cells. The problem is that we eat so many foods that are fortified with calcium. Another issue is that when you eat sugar, you use magnesium to buffer it. And still another issue is that modern soils are depleted of magnesium. Integrative doctors estimate that 90% of the population is deficient in magnesium. Magnesium supplements come in different forms to address various symptoms.

What You Should Consider for Your Health

Having a regular supplement schedule is optimal for you to thrive in your health. Supplements are a great way to give your body nutrients that it is likely not receiving from your diet. Even if you have a very healthy diet, it is difficult to meet all of your body's needs through food alone. Finding supplements that meet your body's needs can help you have more energy, increase your immunity and improve your general wellbeing.

When I help clients prioritize their plan for achieving greater wellness, I look at their diet, lifestyle, digestion, microbial, inflammation, exposure, and endocrine system. Supplements help health and support all of these areas. If you are looking for supplements, always remember QUALITY. If you want inspiration, visit my sister site, healthy habits living, for brands that I personally recommend.


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