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How to Know if a Nutritionist is Right for You

Why You Might Consider Seeing a Nutritionist

Nutritionists offer a unique perspective when it comes to finding your best health. They can be helpful advocates for your healing, insightful teachers about how food impacts your health, and informative mentors for creating healthy habits in your nutrition routine. 

Common reasons to see a nutritionist include digestive issues, weight management, hormone imbalance, mood disorders, abnormal lab results, seeking natural solutions alternatives to prescribed medications, fertility issues, meal planning, athletes or people seeking optimal nutrition for their you can see, the list is expansive!

Specific reasons you might be searching for a nutritionist might include symptoms of leaky gut. A successful nutritionist can help you locate why you are experiencing these symptoms and how to go about healing them. This might include diet and lifestyle changes, as well as a tailored supplement routine and recommendations for additional care (such as going to a sauna or having a lymphatic draining massage). 

Nutritionists can be a helpful coach to help you reach your next level of great health, or can be an incredible team member to your team of health care professionals. Whatever your healthcare needs, it’s important that you find the right “fit” for you. Just as with a doctor, you need a nutritionist who hears your concerns, is knowledgable and validates your experience. You may also need a nutritionist who challenges you, offers a new perspective, and/or can suggest a variety of solutions to help you find your right path. 

There is no right answer to when or where or even who you should see, but your comfort, safety, and overall wellbeing are worth making an investment in. A nutritionist may be the right solution for you. 

Important things to consider

Who are they certified by?

Do they have experience? 

If you need someone who is specialized in a particular field, are they?

Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing if a Nutritionist is Right for You

  • Are you looking for hands-on guidance and instruction when it comes to weight loss, gut health, hormone imbalance or other nutrition needs? 
  • How “hands-on” of experience do you want and does the nutritionist offer packages that suit your needs?
  • Do you need a nutritionist who specializes in a specific area or someone who touches on a wide variety of health problems?
  • Is the nutritionist going to be part of your health team? What role are you hoping they play?
  • Do you have specific nutrition requirements that you need your nutritionist to know about? Medications? Previous health conditions? How does this impact who you might choose? 

Alternative Options for Natural Healing

If you are looking to find answers to your health problems, there are additional or alternative solutions to hiring a nutritionist. Nutritionists can be extremely helpful to walk with you through the process (I should know, I am one!), but in cases of specific problems, additional materials might be worth considering. This includes books, e-courses, and month-long coaching paths.

In this day and age, nutrition and answers to your health problems should be unique to you! This includes your learning style, your unique health needs, and your finances.


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