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Design Your Path To Wellness

I like to think of health as a journey. It's never exactly straight, it's not always mapped out and sometimes I might have to travel on unpaved roads, but as long as I know I am putting one foot in front of the other, I know that I am getting closer to my destination. 

For some, health can be a stroll in the park. If you are like me (and most people reading this blog), your journey has maybe felt more like hiking The Dientes Circuit in Chile, or even a trek to Mordor! Whichever end of the scale you find yourself landing, all walks of health have a few things in common.

We want to know that our struggles are not the first of their kind. Why? Because we want to know that there might some sort of solution or remedy. We want hope.  

We want to see (or feel) progress. Often, when taking a natural approach to wellness, this can be the hardest desire to overcome. Allowing your body to heal itself takes time but the payout is so worth it.

We don't want to have our whole life dictated around our health regime. We want flexibility and freedom. We want to feel good so that we can actually live life!  

Where Do I Begin?

Over the past year, I have been working on how I can better serve these needs. How can I help the working mom of four who doesn't have time to plan out meals that meet her nutrition needs (let alone figure out what they are!)? How can I better assist the chronic-illness survivor who has tried it all and feels like giving up? How can I better show up for you, whatever your specific health needs are, and help you find real solutions?

My response: individual paths to wellness that help you establish new habits, keep you encouraged and accountable, build long-lasting community, give you all the resources you might possibly need AND allows for me to be there for you every step of the way (no matter what your health needs).  

Take This Quiz To Get Started

This is just the beginning! Take this quiz to find out which path to wellness is best for you! If you score between 0-5, you should join our online community! 6-25 points? You are ready for a new opportunity (the "opportunity" path to wellness, of course!). 26+ and you are ready for the whole universe!



Let your path to health be as unique as you are. If you are ready to Bio-Hack your journey, let's design your path together. I am accepting clients for my Uni-Coaching program as soon as November 29th, 2019 and will official begin the paths to wellness January, 2020. Choose today to make a commitment to yourself. 

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