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Carly's GF Chicken Fried Steak

Looking for a gluten-free version of an old classic? Try this spin on one of my favorite comfort foods. This delicious recipe takes less than 20 minutes and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

We always buy a local grass-fed and grass-finished cow from the local college.  We were picking out cuts and Keith wanted to get cube steak.  I consented with the caveat that I had no idea how to prepare it.  He assured me that he would make Chicken Fried Steak. So, I totally thought that Chicken Fried Steak was actually made from chicken until my hubs told me otherwise.  As promised, he created his own paleo concoction for the breading and it was plate-licking good.  A few weeks later, I got a hankering for some more of this delectable meal, so I asked for his recipe.  He hadn't written it down, but gave me the basics and I went from there.  My finished product tasted even better than his original and luckily I had jotted down my ingredients.  


1 pound cube steak (or round steak) 

1 egg (whisked)

1 cup tapioca flour

3 teaspoons unrefined sea salt

1 teaspoon parsley

2 teaspoons onion powder

2 teaspoons garlic powder 

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon Italian seasoning 

1 teaspoon pepper

Tallow or coconut oil for frying 


Combine all dry seasoning and tapioca flour in a shallow dish

Whisk eggs and pour into a separate shallow dish

Dredge the steak in the dry mixture, then egg and back through the dry mixture

Make sure all meat is fully covered in egg and the dry mixture

I usually cook this in a cast-iron skillet on medium to medium-high heat. It takes bout 5 minutes on each side 

Share the recipe with your neighbor and enjoy knowing you found a gluten-free solution to an American classic. 

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