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Carly's Basic Juice Recipe

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This recipe makes around 32 ounces of juice, and it's a great, basic choice to keep your health and immunity up while keeping you cool this summer. 

I prefer using romaine and cucumber as a base because they create a lot of juice that is mild in flavor, but you can substitute in any of your favorite greens to personalize it more to your tastes. I don't recommend using a cruciferous green (kale, chard, mustard greens) as a base for your juice. These greens contain oxalic acid, which can cause kidney stones and thyroid issues.

You can read more about oxalic acid in my Carnivore Diaries blog HERE.

I also like to add a thumb-sized flavoring ingredient. Choose 1 or 2 that sound appealing to you and don't be afraid to try new combos!

Without further ado, here is the recipe!

Serving: 1
Yield: 32 fl. oz.

1 head romaine lettuce

1 large cucumber (6-8 inches)

2-3 stalks celery

1-2 leaves kale or chard

1 bunch parsley

1 thumb-sized piece beet or carrot or ginger, turmeric or garlic

I usually store my turmeric and ginger root in the freezer because I use them less frequently and I don't want them to mold in my fridge.

Combine all ingredients and juice to your desired consistency. Sometimes I add a little Redmond salt or Himalayan salt to add more flavor.

Be sure to drink your freshly juiced beverage within 48 hours and enjoy!

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