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30 Ways to Take Hold of the Next 30 Days

I love a good opportunity to start new habits. January is the king of “new”. It’s as if you can breathe in fresh air and feel the “newness” comforting your lungs. It’s a clean slate, in so many ways. It’s a time to set your priorities and really invest in your future. 

While New Year's Resolutions have a sour reputation for many, I want to take this moment to acknowledge all the good they could possess for you. Yes, you. You made it here, to this blog, for a reason. You are probably hoping to make progress on your wellness journey. You might be ready to start a new chapter, push past obstacles, finally make the progress you have been dreaming of. So let’s talk about that. 

Your goals, your fitness aspirations, your lifestyle dreams, all deserve to see the light of day. If you are reading this in the New Year, then why not take this moment to set a New Year’s Resolution? Call it something else if you don’t like the name -- call it your goal. Call it your daily progress objective. Call it Karen! It doesn’t make a difference what you decide to call it, just don’t waste this opportunity to align your steps with your vision. Especially here and now when “new” fills the air. 

If you are reading this and the New Year has come and gone, GUESS WHAT. That does not disqualify you. You and your goal “Karen” still have the opportunity to have a flourishing relationship. 

Here is one of my biggest recommendations for your health journey, no matter what day of the year it is.

Start With 30 Days

You’ve probably heard of a 30 day challenge before. Be it wellness related or not, the Whole30 diet, a morning routine...my guess is that the concept of a 30 day guide to anything is not a new one. Why is this? 30 days is a powerful tool

3 Reasons to Choose a 30 Day Path to Wellness 

Powerful Habit

30 days is just long enough to push you, but short enough to feel like a “good challenge”. 30 days sets you up for a habit, but it also gives you the chance to readjust and check-in (“ie. is this the right habit for me?”). If you can do something for 30 days, you can likely do it for another 30 days, and another, until you reach 90 days (which means you’ve practically set a lifelong habit). 

Cleanse Your Body

30 Days is also important when it comes to your body functions. Did you know that the liver resets itself every 30 days? Our bodies are amazing, so it should only make sense that we play into their natural way of being. (if you think you might need a liver detox, here is a great resource to interpret what your body might be telling you!) 

30 days is also the recommended amount of time to eliminate foods in-order to discover food sensitivities or reset your system. Many adults struggle with food sensitivities but never know it because they simply are used to feeling “this way”. Food allergies that develop as an adult are fairly common and impact 4% of the adult population. Food sensitivities are even more common and can lead to symptoms such as bloating, gas and diarrhea. 

Be Bold

Not only does 30 days set you up for success with cleansing and the foundation of a new habit, it also is naturally motivating. Think about how great you feel when you say you are going to get up early and then...you actually do! Keeping a promise to yourself is one of the best ways to stay motivated. Being a promise keeper develops confidence, strength and resilience. This new boost in confidence can snowball into other areas of your life, and before you know it -- look out world, we have a determined, unstoppable force in the making!

30 Ways to Take Hold of the Next 30 Days   

Baby Steps

  1. Try 14-hour fasting
  2. End your day with tea
  3. Start taking magnesium
  4. Drink enough water everyday 
  5. Keep a food journal 
  6. Only eat organic foods
  7. Go to bed on time to get 8 hours of sleep
  8. Eat foods high in probiotics
  9. Eliminate dairy 
  10. Go for a walk 3 times a week 

Game Changers

  1. Try new, natural products
  2. Start your morning with bone broth
  3. Try a colonic
  4. Do a HIIT workout 3 times a week 
  5. Practice grounding 
  6. Eliminate processed foods and unnatural sugars
  7. Get tested for food sensitivities/allergies 
  8. Eat foods that are fermented
  9. Cook all of your meals from home 
  10. Invest in resources that educate you about your major health questions and concerns (books, consultations, equipment, etc.) 

Goal Getters

  1. Try a 30-day path to wellness 
  2.  Stick to an elimination diet
  3. "Unplug" 2 hours before bed
  4. Get a full body check-up (especially your hormones, ladies!)
  5. Take steps to prioritize healing leaky gut
  6. Do a full colon or liver detox (schedule a free consultation here for nutritionist approved recommendations for you)
  7. Go caffeine-free
  8. Make a “healthy morning routine” that you stick to every day
  9. Practice cold exposure
  10. Commit to making lifestyle changes for the rest of your year


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